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Oceanside's Future

Dear Oceanside Voters,

You elected me to Oceanside City Council to be your voice - voice of the people, neighborhoods and businesses who felt disenfranchised and not being heard.

Together we have worked and done so much to make Oceanside a better place.

We've lowered the crime rate and, in the process, built a police department that we can be proud of - with community policing, a workforce that reflects the diversity of our community and a deeper understanding, respect and celebration of that diversity. We've built over 1,000 affordable housing units, several parks like El Corazon, Mance Buchanon and Luiseno Parks, created after school and youth recreational programs, expanded our cultural institutions such as the Oceanside Museum of Art and California Surf Museum, and built walkable communities, downtown and along Coast Hwy, blossoming with restaurants known for their chefs and farm to table faire. Together, we built a Veterans Center, fought back against the loss of rent control in our mobile home parks and protected our senior housing so critical to our veterans and aging populations. Together we fought to preserve El Corazon and Goat Hill as parkland, including creating a senior center, soccer fields and aquatics center at El Corazon, and to preserve our South Morro Hills farm lands via agri-tourism and recycled water, working toward a sustainable vision.

Together we passed the only Zero Waste Resolution in the county and began the work toward creating a Climate Action Plan, Community Choice Energy Joint Powers Authority, and our own sustainable water supply with groundwater from the Mission Basin aquifer and with Oceanside Pure Water.

We have accomplished much, but there is much more to be done, especially in our eastern parts of our city where walkable communities and quality of life policies are not being implemented.

We need to address the demands for more field space for youth sports, concerns regarding systemic racism, build shelters for our homeless and affordable housing for our families, and bring more jobs to Oceanside.

In our quest for a more economically sustainable future that includes tourism and destination events, we need to ensure that all local Osiders also have a place to play - to dance, listen to music, and hang out with other locals.

It's time for new leadership - a Mayor you rely on, built on years of trust and solid relationships, with a vision of economic and environmental sustainability - a quality of life for all - and the institutional knowledge and record of getting things done. A Mayor who will always insist on transparency and due process, and that you be at the table.

This is the time for unity! I urge you to vote for the only Leader with the vision, skills, experience, knowledge, and passion for Oceanside's Future!

Vote YES4Esther for Oceanside Mayor!

Thank you!